American Phytopathological Society--美国植物病理学会



  The American Phytopathological Society (APS) is the premier scientific society dedicated to high-quality, innovative plant pathology research. For more than a century, members of APS have been making and sharing significant breakthroughs, both for the science and society. APS is driven by a distinctive community of scientists, whose energy and commitment ensure the global advancement of this critical science.

  APS members represent a broad range of specialties, from pushing frontiers in the accuracy and speed of field diagnosis, to increasing our understanding of plant pathology through laboratory research. Members come from academia, government, industry, and private practice. The diversity of the members and science makes the society pertinent to a multitude of research areas, while the international involvement ensures that the latest innovations from around the world are available to all.

  APS works with a variety of stakeholders on agricultural, food safety, and food security issues. APS also provides scientific input on public policy issues to federal policy makers and agency personnel and works with other scientific organizations and coalitions to increase the awareness of the science of plant pathology and advocate for increases in agricultural research funding.

  The APS Education Center, a free, open-access resource for the public, contains plant pathology educational resources. A broad range of educational activities are available, including outreach to K-12 teachers, materials for introductory and advanced plant pathology students, and teaching notes and articles.

  The APS Office of International Programs is a global effort designed to promote greater worldwide interaction among scientists and practitioners of plant pathology. OIP seeks to provide continuity and coordination of APS international activities and promote collaboration among plant pathologists and scientists of all nationalities, facilitate teaching, research, and extension with the aim of increasing agricultural production through improved plant health, especially in developing countries.

  Through contributions, the APS Foundation provides support to students and researchers and helps underwrite special programs and projects in plant pathology. By working together and pooling resources, members create a self-sustaining treasury of funds for advancing the study and practice of plant pathology.

  APS publishes 3 scholarly journals, Phytopathology, Plant Disease, and MPMI that conform to federal green open access requirements, making scientific research available to all. APS will be launching a completely open-access journal in 2016 on Phytobiomes. The APS Job Center connects plant health professionals to a wide range of job opportunities. This open-access searchable database of jobs and job candidates is one of the most used sites on the APS website. Individuals can also sign up to receive e-mail alerts notifying them of the latest job postings.

  APS members aim to meet the demands of a growing population by developing new technologies and finding solutions to plant diseases around the world. Current projections suggest the number of people on earth will outpace our ability to feed them by 2050. APS members want to provide reliable solutions to ensure that doesn’t happen. Fighting plant diseases can help ensure the future of food is safe.